Below is the syntax highlighted version of from §4.5 Case Study: Small World.

 *  Compilation:  javac
 *  Execution:    java Bacon input.txt
 *  Dependencies:
 *  Reads in a data file containing movie records (a movie followed by a list
 *  of actors appearing in that movie), and runs breadth first search to
 *  find the shortest distance from the source (Kevin Bacon) to each other
 *  actor and movie. After computing the Kevin Bacon numbers, the user is prompted
 *  to enter actors and the program prints out the shortest chain.
 *  % java Bacon ../data/movies-top-grossing.txt

public class Bacon {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // read in data and initialize graph
        String filename = args[0];
        Graph G = new Graph(filename, "/");
        StdOut.println("Done reading movies and building graph");

        // compute shortest path from s to every other vertex
        String s = "Bacon, Kevin";
        PathFinder finder = new PathFinder(G, s);
        StdOut.println("Done BFS");

        // process queries
        StdOut.println("Enter the name of an actor");
        while (!StdIn.isEmpty()) {
            String actor = StdIn.readLine();
            for (String v : finder.pathTo(actor))

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