2. Functions and Modules

In this chapter, we consider a concept that has as profound an impact on control flow as do conditionals and loops: the function, which allows us to transfer control back and forth between different pieces of code. Functions are important because they allow us to clearly separate tasks within a program and because they provide a general mechanism that enables us to reuse code.

Python Programs in this Chapter

Below is a list of Python programs and data files used in this chapter.

2.1.1 harmonicf.py harmonic numbers (revisited)
2.1.2 gauss.py Gaussian functions
2.1.3 coupon.py coupon collector (revisited)
2.1.4 playthattunedeluxe.py play that tune (revisited) elise.txt  ascale.txt  stairwaytoheaven.txt  entertainer.txt  firstcut.txt  freebird.txt  looney.txt  
2.2.1 gaussian.py Gaussian functions module
2.2.2 gaussiantable.py sample Gaussian client
2.2.3 sierpinski.py Sierpinski triangle
2.2.4 ifs.py iterated function systems sierpinski.txt  barnsley.txt  coral.txt  culcita.txt  cyclosorus.txt  dragon.txt  fishbone.txt  floor.txt  koch.txt  spiral.txt  swirl.txt  tree.txt  zigzag.txt  
2.2.5 bernoulli.py Bernoulli trials
2.3.1 euclid.py Euclid's algorithm
2.3.2 towersofhanoi.py towers of Hanoi
2.3.3 beckett.py Gray code
2.3.4 htree.py recursive graphics
2.3.5 brownian.py Brownian bridge
2.4.1 percolationv.py vertical percolation detection test5.txt  test8.txt  
2.4.2 percolationio.py percolation support functions
2.4.3 visualizev.py vertical percolation visualization client
2.4.4 estimatev.py vertical percolation probability estimate
2.4.5 percolation.py percolation detection test5.txt  test8.txt  
2.4.6 visualize.py percolation visualization client
2.4.7 estimate.py percolation probability estimate